Monday, March 31, 2014

International Fish Cars of the 1960s - The South

A Southern addition to my fish-car series - the catfish ford F100 red, white and blue pick-up...

I'm prototyping this one to debut my toy series (trying out 2 versions, traditional mold and casting, and 3D printing - lets see which is better)...'s a tribute to blue-blooded pick-ups and the great sport of noodling!

Monday, March 24, 2014

2 Stroke Prosthetic Bunny - the action figure - part 6

Phase 6: ingredients for the wax cast (continuation of my January motor bunny post).

Finally, after multiple moves, an eviction, 300+ horribly disfigured moving boxes, and a "Catch Me If You Can" romp with USPS - i finally received my ingredients to wax cast the bunny (right now the turn around time for creating this action figure is Guinness Record worthy)...

Upon opening the shipment i felt a bit like Walter White, getting ready for a cook-off à la "Breaking Bad" (see picture).

For an 8 inch figure i'll need a concoction consisting of the following:
3.30lbs Talc
3.00lbs Paraffin Wax
0.55lbs Candelilla Wax
0.55lbs Carnauba Wax
0.15lbs Bees Wax
some colored crayons

i must credit Scott Hensey, the toy maker behind the likes of TMNT, old school Happy Meals, and Biker Mice From Mars (anybody remember those???), for the original recipe...

once the wax prototype is cast, i can figure out the joints and also clean up the sculpt without having to worry about deforming it (the wax is much harder and more rigid than the original clay sculpt)...

...lets see what comes out!