Sunday, August 27, 2017

MerCars®: Series 1: Classic Muscle

So things seem a bit quiet in Savannah over at Troublefish® - deeply entrenched in pre-production and prototype experimenting for a new line of designer toys - the MerCar®: half collector's dream car, half angler's trophy. Currently in the works; Series 1 (the pilot set): Classic American Muscle cars from the late 1960s: 1968 Merstang® (Mustang GT and Largemouth Bass), 1969 Mer-Goat® (GTO and Pike), 1970 Ca-Mer-O® (Camaro and Brooktrout). 

... currently in the throws of 3D sculpting: The car bodies for the Merstang and Mer-Goat.

more to come

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lipstick Face - Insidious Demon - final pin-up for Series 2

This was too long of a break - almost 6 months! But there has been much in dev. (i've been keeping to the social medias, mostly - the cheap thrills of instant gratification and the likes)...

For all of those not joined to the web by the hip, here's a post on the final addition to my Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up series #2 - Lipstick Face from Insidious.

Take a look at the other 2, Michelle Myers and Pyramid Head from previous entries (conveniently linked)...

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Michelle Myers - Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up Series 2

I go her done in September - and was going to post it - but 'twas a month o' much ado! I got derailed focusing on "grown-up" work and moving... though not much of and excuse, but i am getting older and need my beauty rest...

The final character of this series will be a contemporary antagonist (a ghoul from one of the modern horror franchises) - i'm adhering to some form of sequence here...

so here are some of my options:
The Conjuring
Trick 'r Treat

...let's see.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Michelle Myers - Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up Series 2: sketch 'n' ink

Introducing Haddonfield's newest antagonist - Michelle Myers, of Halloween fame; the latest installment to Series 2 of my Classic Horror Movie Pin-up Girls. Just like the infamous Michael Myers, the white (well, here, marred with make-up), William Shatner mask and butcher knife are trademark accessories!
... I changed out the eyebrows on the mask to make the expression look more vaccuous (allows for a better make-up canvas - kinda like the old-school Barbie "make-up bust" from the 1970s)...

... coloring currently in progress.

Monday, August 1, 2016

FISH CARS - finished design, new name

Dear Readers,

I promise your patience and your much appreciated dedication shall be returned in due course! I have completed my initial concept sketch of the 1966 Ford F100 White Catfish (Ameiurus catus) "MER-CAR". 

Straight from Lake Oconee, Georgia comes the redesigned Mer-Ford! 

I've updated the FISH-CAR place-holder name to Mer-Car - in reference to the legendary, half human, half fish creature from myth of a bygone era...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

FISH CARS - redesigning the catfish F100 ('66) for prototyping

The cross-country transition is nearing an end - yet I still have to wait until late September before I can even think of setting up my Seattle workshop... Alas, progress will be slow.

I have the original sketch - scanned and ready to go in Photoshop - set up digitally. Now, I'll redraw and add color.

I've changed up the dimensions and ratios a bit (fin size, whiskers, fenders and front end) to give the character a little more fluidity (the original was a bit rigid - looked like a car body slapped onto a fish chassis - no good)...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

FISH CARS - soon to make their debut in Seattle

I've been working on a new nautical bio-mech series for 2016, with chrome and retro styling, of course... I've been plagued with a rather arduous move from Savannah (the current location of my toy company, Troublefish) to Seattle (pretty much where everyone else is) - much of what could go wrong, did (animal bite infection, finger filleting, broken stuff, cancelled car transports, extensive house re-modelling, etc...)...but, i digress.

stay tuned in for progress posts!