Sunday, July 20, 2014

2 Stroke Prosthetic Bunny - the action figure - part 8

Phase 8: prototype wax cast with movable linkages (continuation of my April motor bunny post).

The joints are hard plastic peg and hole interlocking segments very similar to the system tried and proven over the decades by LEGO Technic. (i hope these will hold up as well in the final resin cast as they currently are in the wax prototype)...

i embedded the female segment into the torso and filled in the wax around it for a seem-less finish. each limb, the head, wheel and engine components have a 1/2 inch lock-tight hollow pole inserted into them, to (hopefully) ensure a snug worked for LEGO. all movable parts are limited to swivel on one axis only (very old-school)...

i am working on getting the final molds started this weekend - using the same technique as with the clay master. are some additional shots of the prototype figure from various angles.

after the molds are poured, i'll have to research a resin that will be good for pouring the final cast.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pulled Pork - piglet #3...

...the third and final installment of my "Pulled Pork" series: "PORK $ale".

Following are shortcuts to the other 2 and the digital concepts:
#2: "Pulled Pork"
#1: "CHOPPED."
Concept images (1-3).

I'm planning on introducing the series to the local art community next week to work out a fair price range...