Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's airbrush time!

The year was 1999 the last time this equipment had seen the light of day. The paints are new (the ones from back in the day had transformed into oddly shaped super-balls), the compressor idles smoothly, the hose is air-tight and the brush is still calibrated - other than the very likely potential of grave user error the painting of my one and only prototype (see unpainted sculpt here) should turn out flawless!

I'll be doing a whole lot of practicing today...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Capt. QUINT - final 3D sculpt (full color)

Fresh from Seattle - the final 3D digital sculpt in all its colorful glory. My 3D model maker and designer, Peter Thurwachter, has flawlessly translated my illustrations into a texture mapped digital 3D equivalent, ready to be sent off for vinyl production!

The colors may appear somewhat flat in these images, as they are intended to represent painting guidelines for the manufacturer. I am, however, using them to create an airbrushed prototype of my own...

...despite not having touched my airbrush since my Art Institute days in Seattle, over 15 years ago - I have high hopes for the outcome!
Now, the color is going to be a basic 2 tone green kelp cammo with fire engine-red "wing tips" and tail. the underbelly and engine accents are going to sport a chrome or brushed aluminum finish - still in testing, at this point. I am creating the decals (solely for my prototype) in Illustrator and printing them on water transfer decal paper...

...lets see what happens!

PS. We also went with a removable clear plastic display stand to ensure proper exposure on the toy shelf!