Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Michelle Myers - Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up Series 2

I go her done in September - and was going to post it - but 'twas a month o' much ado! I got derailed focusing on "grown-up" work and moving... though not much of and excuse, but i am getting older and need my beauty rest...

The final character of this series will be a contemporary antagonist (a ghoul from one of the modern horror franchises) - i'm adhering to some form of sequence here...

so here are some of my options:
The Conjuring
Trick 'r Treat

...let's see.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Michelle Myers - Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up Series 2: sketch 'n' ink

Introducing Haddonfield's newest antagonist - Michelle Myers, of Halloween fame; the latest installment to Series 2 of my Classic Horror Movie Pin-up Girls. Just like the infamous Michael Myers, the white (well, here, marred with make-up), William Shatner mask and butcher knife are trademark accessories!
... I changed out the eyebrows on the mask to make the expression look more vaccuous (allows for a better make-up canvas - kinda like the old-school Barbie "make-up bust" from the 1970s)...

... coloring currently in progress.

Monday, August 1, 2016

FISH CARS - finished design, new name

Dear Readers,

I promise your patience and your much appreciated dedication shall be returned in due course! I have completed my initial concept sketch of the 1966 Ford F100 White Catfish (Ameiurus catus) "MER-CAR". 

Straight from Lake Oconee, Georgia comes the redesigned Mer-Ford! 

I've updated the FISH-CAR place-holder name to Mer-Car - in reference to the legendary, half human, half fish creature from myth of a bygone era...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

FISH CARS - redesigning the catfish F100 ('66) for prototyping

The cross-country transition is nearing an end - yet I still have to wait until late September before I can even think of setting up my Seattle workshop... Alas, progress will be slow.

I have the original sketch - scanned and ready to go in Photoshop - set up digitally. Now, I'll redraw and add color.

I've changed up the dimensions and ratios a bit (fin size, whiskers, fenders and front end) to give the character a little more fluidity (the original was a bit rigid - looked like a car body slapped onto a fish chassis - no good)...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

FISH CARS - soon to make their debut in Seattle

I've been working on a new nautical bio-mech series for 2016, with chrome and retro styling, of course... I've been plagued with a rather arduous move from Savannah (the current location of my toy company, Troublefish) to Seattle (pretty much where everyone else is) - much of what could go wrong, did (animal bite infection, finger filleting, broken stuff, cancelled car transports, extensive house re-modelling, etc...)...but, i digress.

stay tuned in for progress posts!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up Series 2 - Pyramid Head

YAY! Progress! Way past due, Pyramid Head Pin-up Girl is finally done!..

...going back to the 70s for the next one in the series; Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pyramid Head - Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up Series 2 - progress report

Progress is being made - albeit quite slowly...

... yes, its still due to the move and single-handedly (now, literally, as i just had 15 stitches in my left hand) packing tons of stuff over the past few months (while working full-time)...

I'm finishing up the backdrop and quote shortly (it's a promise i'm sticking with!)

Check in later!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pyramid Head - Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up Series 2

Between packing moving boxes, a full-time job and commuting back-and-forth from Savannah to Seattle, I'm finding time to work on the next 3 gals of the second series of my Classic Horror Movie Pin-Up line...

... Pyramid Head; inked and ready for color (currently underway!).

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Capt. QUINT color variations #2 and #3

Set up nicely next to the original green and red camouflage coat (far left) - Capt. QUINT proudly displays the prototype versions for the tropical camouflage and his nighttime stealth colors (front)!

As you may have discovered last via my social media portals (twitter, facebook and instagram) the Kickstarter campaign for the vinyl toy release for Capt. QUINT failed miserably... though he may seem dead - this is far from the truth. I have negotiations in the works for going with a small (100 units) batch resin production run...

...stay tuned!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Capt QUINT is going to KICKSTARTER

Hello dear readers,

If you have been following allow with my various social media channels, you may have noticed that I am about to throw something close to my heart out there for the public to judge worthy of their money...

...my very first designer toy, Capt. QUINT, will become available for 500 of you on February 3rd, 2016!

Check out this teaser video of me making the prototype of Capt. QUINT...

Monday, January 25, 2016

Starting the second series of my Classic Horror Movie Pin-Ups

2016 is off to a busy start! Only days until I launch my debut designer toy (Capt. QUINT) on Kickstarter - preparing the campaign is quite involved and has demanded much of my time (hence my lengthy "radio silence") - I'll post a comprehensive article later this week - with video...

...now back to the topic at hand - the demand of my 1st series of Classic Horror Movie Pin-Ups has led me to designing Series 2; comprised of Pyramid Head (pictured here), Leather Face and a female Cenobite (based on Pin Head's appearance)...

...if you haven't yet - take a look at Series 1 (still available in very limited numbers) at my online store: troublefish.bigcartel.com