Friday, January 31, 2014

2 Stroke Prosthetic Bunny - the action figure - part 5

Phase 5: clay master demolded - ready for wax casting
(continuation of my October motor bunny post)

After moving to Savannah (still in our temporary apartment next door to a bunch of dead people from the 1700s) - i finally located the box (among 380 stacked in 2 storage units) marked "motorbunny - fragile"...
 ...the demolding was a success (only 5% of the master was damaged). now all these negatives need is some cleaning and a fresh coat of release spray prior to pouring in the wax mixture. i was so excited to pour the initial rubber molds (and way too generously at that) that i totally forgot to place the pour and vent channels into each and every mold... how does this affect the process? well, i'll have to figure out the least invasive spot to drill a1/4inch hole in each of the molds and you'll have to wait for me to find my Black & Decker amongst the 380 boxes in the 2 storage units...

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