Thursday, October 29, 2015

Piggly Wiggly triptych commission - stage 3

better late than never, right?  I completed Stage 3 (see Stages 1 and 2 here) over three weeks ago, scout's honor!  I even had the pictures stored on the SD chip of my Canon, though, the marketing work for my nascent company, Troublefish, and it debut toy, Capt. QUINT, monopolized much of my energy...

...ready to paint some pigs now, aka Stage 4. And the tag lines, too, off course. Then, Stage 5 will include the embroidered velvet strip for the black pulled Pork painting and a "Pork SALE" label for the white logo painting...

...Stage 6 is a satin clear coat and the mounting hardware - you'll see.

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