Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Piggly Wiggly triptych commission - stages (#1 and 2)

Even though Piggly Wiggly has closed over 3 dozen of its stores in South Carolina and Coastal Georgia over 2 years ago... folks still "Dig the Pig".

I'm working on a commission for all 3 images of the series - I originally conceived them back in 2013 - see them here.

What you see here are the first 2 stages of the paintings...
Stage 1:
the 3x3foot wood palette canvas construction (not pictured here, as that would simply be an image of a pile of palette boards and some screws).
Stage 2:
painting the base for each background (in order; blanched weekly meat promos from a variety of competitors, semi-gloss black, the top left corner of the Georgia state flag - minus the insignia) - I also penciled in stage 3 of the series; the background image details for each.

Stage 3 will follow promptly in the next week...

...stay tuned.

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