Thursday, April 16, 2015

The 100 Day Project

I started on this early last week (not quite the 6th, but close). Geoduck and Grits - The beginnings of a Designer Toy Company.
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The idea is, basically, to commit to do something (creative) and stick with it for the duration of 100 consecutive days. In my case, I decided to recount my migration form the Pacific Northwest (Seattle) - Geoduck - to the Atlantic Southeast (Savannah) - Grits. I always wanted to tell this story, in a blog or something, but this is way more fun...
I'm also using this opportunity to draw some attention to my new Designer Toy Company - Troublefish - by including a detailed "how to make your own production toy and sell it" section to the project (a little SMO - social media optimization)...

Please check in for updates - and take a peek at the troublefish page on FB (feel free to like it)!

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