Saturday, January 31, 2015

Capt. QUINT - ready for rapid prototyping!

Spielberg introduced us to "Bruce" in 1975, the Umbrella Corporation engineered the zombie shark (Resident Evil 6), now Troublefish (my design toy business - coming soon - I'll let y'all know when exactly!) is getting ready to give you yet another reason "not to go in the water"; Capt QUINT - the turbine powered great white!

Sharks and race-cars were some of the coolest things for a boy growing up in the 80s (epitomized in the "Sharkruiser" by Hot Wheels)... giving in to my childhood passion, I've decided to combine the most awesome primal predator around with a rat-rod styled 50's turbine engine! The name is a tribute (or spite) to Robert Shaw's ill-fated character Quint, skipper of the "Orca"... and its not a coincidence that I'm releasing this toy on the 40th anniversary of JAWS.

The digital design phase has reached its final stage, and a test print is required to check for any design flaws or aesthetic discrepancies. I've attached a few (un-colored) views of the digital sculpt, as it currently resides in Z-brush.

Once the final sculpt is approved and a suitable size determined, the STL file can be sent off for rapid prototyping in alumide (nylon filled with aluminum dust) on a 3D printer. The material works great, as it shows detail, is tough and has some flexibility (and is reasonably priced at $1.50 to $1.95 per cubic cm)... a final cost of $900 to $1200 for the prototype, I have to make sure the sculpt is just right!


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