Saturday, November 29, 2014

Zombie Kit - first batch ready!

The first 10 Zombie Kits are finished, sealed and packaged  - ready for retail!
I thoroughly enjoy the modern zombie genre (just in case you haven't figured that out from my blog) - so functionality (all wrapped up in a neat package) was the primary motive behind the kit. These kits CAN be used in a zombie outbreak!

No plastic was harmed in the making of these kits (well, ok...the letting on the glass is vinyl) - aside from the content, you're left with a locally crafted case of wood (poplar), natural wool felt, and glass. 

18inch machete
first aid kit
portable AM/FM radio with ear buds
LED flash light
permanent markers (2)
disposable lighters (2)

I don't stockpile the kits, and after the initial 10 are gone, I'll be making additional ones to-order, by commission (usually a 3 week waiting period) - I'm thinking of offering additional stains down the road. The finished kit retails at $285.00 - each kit is hand-made to order.

I don't intend of mass producing them overseas (I've come across an excess of kits on the interwebs consisting of sweat shop bags and boxes filled with non-firing guns, plastic knives, a handful of Band-Aids and some poorly drawn, printed at home stickers).

Shipping is going to take a bit to figure out....

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