Saturday, August 30, 2014

2-in-1 Travel Painting Series: "Savannah" - digital color final, I lied. the image took quite a bit more than a couple days to finalize...

...after a few "failed" color renderings, I decided on limited outlines (mainly to separate the various layers of the scenery - a method I used to employ while creating environments for video games so many years ago). I wanted to avoid the brain wrenching task of having to cel-shade everything when it comes down to painting the "analogue" version - life can be difficult as it is.
...I've already procured myself some canvases (30x40inch - 76x102cm) and acrylics for the scene, and am planning a trip to our local home depot to get me some styrofoam sheets to sculpt the subject (Savannah trolley tourist zombie - happen to see a lot of those around here).

oh...I went with a late afternoon setting during the summer months - makes for great contrast!

I've attached a still frame, as I am still working out the kinks to creating the animated digital loop using a bit of Adobe After Effects and Premiere...

HELP! to all animators out there - how do I export an infinite loop using Adobe AE or PR?

I've added the animated gif for those of you who want to see the loop (though rough) - and as it is a gif, the image is limited to 256 colors, and thus heavily dithered and striated...

...i'm making no promises on how long the actual hand painted version will take (i'm quite a bit slower without the luxury of ctrl-z).

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