Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2 Stroke Prosthetic Bunny - the action figure - part 1

Phase 1: model sheet and armature (continuation of my June motor bunny post)
A quick series of sketches for scaling consistency served as a suitable blueprint for the wire-frame armature. the arm (got only 1), head and legs are detachable (all movable parts will be sculpted, molded and cast separately to facilitate proper articulation) - i'm basing the movements of the character along the lines of the classic Kenner Star Wars figurines from the 70s and 80s.

i built each "joint" using 2 sizes of aluminum tubing where one slides into the other - this allows me to detach the limbs and work on them separately, thus minimizing contact to the already finished parts of the sculpture. i filled the thicker parts of the character with aluminum foil to reduce the amount of clay in the final sculpt - not only does this save money, but also reduce the weight of the sculpt and allow for faster drying and curing without cracking (especially when baked)...

...working on sculpting the torso now...

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