Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recycled Subway Tile Ledge

Hooray...More tiles!

I believe that this 6 foot running wall protrusion was once used as a display for mismatched vases and other 1970s dust-collectors (reminiscent of the countless shiny trinkets on the movie sets in Scarface)...anyhow, due to my extended family of house tigers and their instinctual tendency to innocently shove breakables off elevated places, this ledge could no longer serve its intended purpose...

...but just leaving it off white was not an option either!

I did just finish tiling all upstairs window sill plates - so i still had plenty mortar and glass grout at hand...

...the rest came from an industrial glass store that had stock-piled hundreds of recycled and otherwise rejected New York Subway tiles (and that in Seattle) - available in pretty much any color imaginable! 

my recipe consisted of 2x4 and 4x4 inch tiles in 3 shades of green, 1 gold and a fire-engine red (maintaining the 70s design flair in respect for the house's era) - set in a randomized pattern...

check out the close-up!


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  2. Well, thank you for the compliments...i believe that, if you learn to work with your theme, it rather quickly learns to work for you...