Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hand-made Sea Glass Chandelier (additional shots)

I've decided to publish some more shots of my  sea glass chandelier - the image for last month's post does not really portray some of the finer details of the found glass...
I am fascinated by the glass from old Coca Cola bottles - a very distinctive shade of iced teal - I haven't found a similar hue in any of the other shards that I've collected over the years.  These pieces often retain a hint of the company's iconic logo raised on the glass, as well as intact bottle neck "rings" - those from other bottles generally break in the frequently rough seas of the northern Pacific.

I mentioned that occasionally the sea glass pieces display softened remnants of identifying markings - yet many contemporary bottles have labels and designs printed on their surfaces. I rarely have the fortune to come across these washed-out impressions - though my chandelier does contain a handful (like the face on the white wine shard on the left) - creepy...

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